Contact Me

Profile Picture (Is a Rocc)

Here are some ways to contact me!
For casual chats feel free to reach me via discord!
For business inquiries, email is the best way to reach me!
If you have any issues with my projects, feel free to open an issue on my github!


My discord is @marceldarcel.
I am very active on discord so don't be afraid to send me a friend request there!


My github is marceldobehere.
Feel free to look at my projects and open issues if you encounter any!


You can send me an email here.
I check my mails at least once a day, so expect a response within that time.

Goofy Chat

You can send me a message on goofy chat!
My user id is: 2648350751.
Just note that I'm rarely online there, especially because I am working on v2!