My custom OS! The second version of MaslOS.
From the outside it might look the same as the original MaslOS, but internally it is very different!
The main differnce is it having ELF execution and a normal scheduler.
I am actively working on this project (and on some others).

A screenshot of MaslOS2


A goofy web game me and a few others created as our school project.
Its like tic tac toe but more crazy because you can overbid pieces.
As this is only a school project it won't really be updated anymore.
You can still play it here though!

A screenshot of RB-Taktik ingame

Goofy CPU

My custom CPU! It's an 8 bit CPU with my custom instruction set.
It is made in logism evolution and will have a (maybe custom) assembler soon.
Still very WIP but currently the CPU is aliveee!
This is btw my first real attempt at making an actual cpu in logism and I think it is pretty cool.

A gif showing the cpu in action


My first custom OS!
It's 64 bit and mostly written in C++. There are a lot of things already made and it runs on real hardware!
I am not actively working on this project, but I still think it is very cool.
It has a custom GUI system, audio system, apps, an interpreter for a custom language and some cool apps!

A screenshot of MaslOS

Goofy Chat App v2

This will be the 2nd version of goofy chat app!
I want this to have the features that goofy chat is missing, like group chats, cross device sync and maybe a command line interface.
Still very very very WIP!

A screenshot of goofy chat 2

Goofy Chat App

It's a goofy secure chat app. I am working on version 2, which will be better!
You can try it here!
My user id is 2648350751 if you want to send me a message

A screenshot of goofy chat

Marcel Engine

This is my custom console based game engine I made in C#.
In my opinion, it is pretty simple to use and allows for some cool little console games.
Due to the rendering optimizations, it only works on Windows. (or using wine)
Using this engine I made a game for a game jam, which you can play here!

A screenshot of Marcel Engine running a demo game

Cooler Text Editor

This is my custom console based Text Editor I made in C#.
It has some cool features like syntax highlighting for most languages, themes and a TUI system.
The TUI system supports multiple open components, splitters and tabs.
Sadly it's missing features like good copy and paste and that's why I don't really use it.
Also, if I remember correctly, it should be cross platform.

A screenshot of Cooler Text Editor with 2 tabs open

Custom Web-Browser/Server

This is a custom web browser and server I made in Java.
It doesn't use normal web requests, but rather a custom protocol.
It also doesn't render HTML but a custom markdown language (ROML), with a custom scripting language (ROSL).

A screenshot of the main page of the broswer

Goofy Calculator

This is my goofy calculator I made in C#.
It has support for functions and variables and I personally use it a lot.
Some features are still missing and the parser is not perfect, but if you use enough brackets it works.

A screenshot of the calculator

Basic 3D Renderer in JS

This is a simple 3D renderer I made in JS.
It can render wireframes well and can kind of render filled triangles.
I made it mostly for fun and to learn about 3D rendering.

A screenshot of the 3d renderer showing a 3d teapot


BSSL is a very cursed, interpreted programming language I made in C#.
It consists of text, which can be escaped to execute code, which makes it kind of self modifying.
You can view it as a bad mix of HTML and JS.

Other Projects

Those were just some of the projects on my Github!
I have a bunch of other projects and small tools on there, so feel free to take a look at it.
This website is also open source, so you can take a look at it here.

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